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Australian White Tiger School of Combined Martial Arts inc.
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   The Founder of White Tiger

Kancho Philip C. Newton

White Tiger was foundered by Sensei Philip C. Newton in the early 90's He started the club up in a baptist Church in Elizabeth with a small group of dedicated martial artists who were followers of the sensei. White Tiger started with humble beginings with 4 students and grew rapidly. With in a few months it grew to 20. In 1998 the classes moved to St'jays in Salisbury where it grew to 150 with many students doing very well in the national tournaments and in the same year the Sensei took out the State Title in the National all Styles tournament. Classes then started up in Mawson Lakes and Modbury 1999 and continued to grow. The sensei poured many dollars into the Club to help others and in the year 2000 the with the Sensei's leadership was awarded by winning the Best Martial Arts Club of the year for South Australia title. Students within the club wanted him to become the roconized founder so they bestowed the name of Kancho upon him (Founder). In the year 2005 Kancho and the club were awarded a Youth Champion Award by the Mayor of Salisbury for sport and the work done with young people with in the area. In 2006 White Tiger has had a complete revamp. The club is now Registered as the  Australian White Tiger School of Combined Martial Arts Inc.

Some information on the founder  Kancho Philip Charles Newton Born 29 August 1953 sa young Kanchotarted training at the age of 17 in the chillers at the Gepps Cross Abattoir with friends. The instructor was a black belt in Shotokan, the training was not full on but gave Philip the basics of karate. He then trained by himself and met with people who trained in differing arts even judo. As years went by he joined a karate club unnamed but he trained with them for nealy 8 years and three quarters of that was instructing. The Kancho who still prefers to be called Sensei has a Shodan (1st Dan) with Australian Karate Accademy, a Nidan grade (2nd Dan) with the International Karate Alliance and a Sandan (3rd Degree) with Shuri Ken Shorin Ryu Karate-Do Kokusai Kyokai. Kancho Phil has also hosted seminar's featuring people like Vince Morris a renouned and great martial artist, he also trained with another martial arts name not mentioned an instructor with a vast knowledge form many years of his training, Graham Slater head of the International Martial Arts Alliance and many others.Kancho Phil was also once the State Director for the International Karate Alliance and he was the head instructor for Shuri Ken Shorin Ryu South Australia. He is humble in his achievements and doesn't say to much about them. His has a way of helping people in general to get over a lot of their inner fears, he has helped young kids who are now doing better in their school work because of the increase of focus and attention all these things make the kancho the person he is and what he is about.

Age 18years old

Class of the year 2000 very proud of their achievement all the hard work payed of. Some of that original class is still training  with us in 2006 and are very good martial artists and instructors in their own right.

In Memory of Kancho's Parents married and together for over 60 years

Rachel May Newton  Born 24/1/1918  Broken Hill NSW  til MotherDied 26/8/2002           

Lionel Keith Newton Born 11/4/1914 Port Victoria York Peninsula til Father Died 8/6/2003                 


   All I do and achieve I dedicate to them because with out them I would not be here and to Jo & Emily who have saved my life more than once and to all my 10 children who I love  very much 

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